Transformation of NATO at the Present Stage

Mironova D.S.


The article focuses on the main aspects of NATO transformation at the present stage. The author insists that global financial economic crisis has become an important milestone in the ongoing 25 years long process of NATO adaptation to the new security challenges. The author pays attention to the fact that the consequences of the crisis have forced the allies not only to find necessary resources to maintain the existing level of readiness but also to overcome disparities in capabilities. Thus, the concept of «Smart Defense» and «Connected Forces Initiative» are under consideration in the article. The author underlines that these efforts are a part of broad measures to bolster military readiness and effectiveness of the Alliance. So the reform of NATO architecture is also under consideration in the article.


NATO transformation, sweeping reform, global financial and economic crisis, «Smart Defense», «Connected Forces», architecture of NATO.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2017.03.06

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