From the history of forming social responsibility of entrepreneurs in Russia

Wittenberg E.Ya.


In the article the problems of the genesis of the social responsibility of Russian owners are investigated, and is later than industrialists and bankers from the onset of trade and handicraft in the country up to the October Revolution. As historical sources testify, if was manifested in the honest payment of taxes, in the honest relations with the buyers and the partners, in the output of qualitative product by craftsmen, in the charity. Special attention is paid to the beneficial effect of church on the critical behavior of business. At the same time in the article are analyzed historic evidence of the socially irresponsible behavior of owners. The author considers his joint responsibility together with the tsarism for October revolution the apotheosis of the irresponsibility of business.


social responsibility of Russian entrepreneurs, salutary impact of the Church on business, socially irresponsible business activities.

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