About the Journal

The journal is recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and included in "The List of leading reviewed scientific journals and editions", which publishes the main results of doctoral and candidate dissertations in three scientific disciplines: 08.00.00 – Economics; 23.00.00 – Political Sciences; 07.00.00 – Historical Sciences and Archaeology. The journal is indexed in RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index) on the Web of Science platform.The journal publishes articles on social-economic, historical-cultural and political issues of Russia as well as articles analyzing Russia's role and place in the contemporary system of international relations.

The journal "Russia and the contemporary world" was founded in 1993 and is published quarterly (4 issues per year) by two institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences — Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION), the Institute of Economics (IE RAS). Problematic and disciplinary perspectives of the journal are wide, including printed political, sociological, historical, economic materials. The reader gets acquainted with these materials primarily under the headings "Russia yesterday, today and tomorrow", "Russia and the world in the XXI century", "Phenomenology of Soviet society", "Phenomenology of Russian society", "Reflections, communications, comments", "Scholarly and cultural life", "Reviews. Summaries", etc.

Editorial Board

Mirzekhanov V.S.

Babenko V.N.

Comte F.

Dadabayeva Z.A.

Doenninghaus V.

Efremenko D.V.

Glebova I.I.

Ilyin I.V.

Kaloeva E.B.

Kheifets B.A.

Kiyanskaya O.I.

Nekipelov A.D.

Nureev R.M.

Parkhalina T.G.

Pivovarov Yu.S.

Shanshieva L.N.

Skvortsov L.V.

Yadova M.A.

Editorial Staff

Mirzekhanov V.S.

Gotovtseva A.G.

Kiyanskaya O.I.

Kovalev M.V.

Vinogradova M.V.

Yadova M.A.