Zapadnorusizm as a theory of Byelorus’ ethnic development

Golovach V.M.


Looking at the main features of the intellectual and ethnographic movement of zapadnorusizm, which emerged in Byelorus’ in the XIX century, the author traces its roots to the efforts of the prominent church figures who promoted the rights of Orthodox believers in Rzecz Pospolita. Analyzed are the works of the most prominent representatives of zapadnorusizm – M.O. Koyalovich and Ye.F. Karsky. Arguing that the ideas of this movement are quite relevant for today’s intellectual scene of Byelarus’, the paper shows how they manifest themselves in historical works, mass media and psychological attitudes of the Byelarus’ society.


Byelarus’, zapadnorusizm, Rzecz Pospolita, St. George Konissky, archbishop Iosif (Semashko), M.O. Koyalovich, Ye.F. Karsky, «neo-zapadno-rusizm».

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