The Vienna System and the Vienna Agreements: The View from France

Tanshina N.P.


The article describes the perception of the Vienna system of international relations in France during the July monarchy (1830–1848). While the ruling liberal Orleanists were sure that France should follow the Vienna system, refusing the «export revolution» idea, the wide circles of the French society assumed that the Vienna treaties led to all disasters and misfortunes of France and stood for their abolition. Such conflict between people's aspirations and the moderate foreign policy of the government was really fatal for the regime of the July monarchy and became one of the reasons of the Revolution of 1848.


the Vienna system, the July revolution of 1830, king Louis Philippe of Orleans, the «Napoleonic legend», «Realpolitik», the idea of non-interference, the «export of revolution».

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2017.04.05

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