The Kingdom of Württemberg and the Problem of German Neutrality in 1853–1854 (Documents of the Russian Diplomatic Mission in Stuttgart)

Datsenko P.A.


This article studies the policy of the Kingdom of Württemberg in the years 1853–1854, aimed at securing the neutrality of the German Confederation in the Crimean war. Basing on German diplomatic documents and secret dispatches of the Russian deputies at the Württemberg’s court the article analyzes some key political vectors of the Stuttgarts’ neutrality efforts and the reaction of the Russian Government, especially on the Conference of Bamberg, May, 26–30, 1854.


Crimean war, German Confederation, Kingdom of Württemberg, neutrality, Third Germany, Gorchakov, Neurath, von der Pfordten, Beust, foreign policy, the Russian-German relations.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2017.04.10

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