«The Elections in Germany – 2017: The Prospects of Domestic and Foreign Policy». Methodological Seminar of the Center of Scientific Information Studies on Global and Regional Issues INION RAN

Parkhalina T.G., Smirnov V.N. , Timoshenkova E.P., Pogorelskaya S.V., Tzvyk A.V., Shanshieva L.N., Trunov Ph.O. , Belinskii A.V.


The article gives a summary of discussion held at the Methodological Seminar of the Center for Scientific Information Studies of Global and Regional Problems (INION RAN), with the participants analyzing the results of the Bundestag elections that took place on the 24-th of September, 2017. Focusing on the transformation of the party and political landscape in Germany, including the success of the extreme right forces («Alternative for Germany»), the authors analyze forecasts concerning the formation of the German Government and outline the prospects of German foreign policy in the future.


Germany, elections, «Alternative for Germany», A. Merkel, M. Shultz, foreign policy.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2018.02.18

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