Understanding the Revolution of 1917 Among Russian Emigration in China

Krotova M.V.


The article deals with the evolution of the assessment of the causes and consequences of the 1917 revolution by Russian immigrants in China. Drwing on both published and new documents the author argues that the views of the losers in the revolution events is also necessary for understanding the history of Russia, the formation of the multidimensional picture of the Russian turmoil. The article concludes that the attitude of Russian emigrants to the revolution over time changed from a sharply negative to balanced historical.


revolution, Russian emigration, China, Manchuria, Harbin, Vs.N. Ivanov, I.A. Il’in, G.K. Guins, V.A. Morozov, S.G. Skitalets.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2018.03.03

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