The State and Prospects of Mutual Economic Relations Between Belarus, Russia and Ukraine in the Context of Their Identity

Vardomsky L.B.


The dynamics of mutual economic ties between Belarus, Russia and Ukraine in 2010–2017 is analyzed in the context of the formation of state identity. The discrepancy in the countries' self-identification affected their integration priorities and the nature of their mutual ties. This was especially evident in Russian-Ukrainian relations, since the pro-European identity of Ukraine was formed on a national basis and opposed to Russia. The political gap between Russia and Ukraine has acquired a long-term character. In this situation, the central place in relations in the East Slavic triangle was occupied by Belarus, which, in accordance with its identity, is ready to become the «assembly» zone of the West and East of Europe.


Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, identity, trade relations.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2018.03.07

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