«We Killed the Famous Ataman Grigoriev»: On the History of Death of One of the Leaders of the Insurgent Movement in Ukraine During the Civil War

Vorontsova G.N.


The article analyzes various versions of the death of one of the leaders of the insurgent movement in Ukraine, Nikolay (Nikifor) Aleksandrovich Grigoriev. Introduced for scientific use is a document from the archives of the writer A.N. Tolstoy «Act» containing details of execution of Grigoriev by the makhnovets in July, 1919, addressed are the questions about its authenticity and origin.


Civil war, N.A. Grigoriev, N.I. Makhno, A.N. Tolstoy, archive of the writer.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2018.03.11

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