COVID-19 pandemic as a global crisis: Asian experts' view

Mikhel D.V., Mikhel I.V.


This article presents the views of three prominent Asian experts on the current global crisis associated with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The reasons for our attention to their reasoning are legitimate. Back in 2020, the countries of East and Southeast Asia could show the rest of the world that they were best able to cope with the challenges of the pandemic. What is the reason for this? Kishore Mahbubani points to the importance of good governance and the trust of Asian societies in their governments, and draws attention to the national psychology of Asians, as well as to the philosophical basis of the Asian response to the pandemic, related to the adoption of concepts of «rights» and «duties», «freedoms» and «responsibilities» abandoned in the West. Recently, the main global processes have been shifting more and more from the shores of the Euro-Atlantic to Asia, and geopolitical processes in Asia itself are increasingly beginning to influence the fate of the rest of the world. How are they affected by the crisis caused by the spread of the coronavirus infection? Shivshankar Menon believes that the COVID-19 pandemic is an event embedded in more complex geopolitical processes; the pandemic seriously complicates the development prospects of the South Asian region and could affect the complication of Indo-Chinese relations as well as Asian geopolitics in general. Asia's rapid economic growth offers a chance to lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. But is this growth and the associated entry into the global capitalist system always a good thing, and what dangers does it entail in the context of a coronavirus crisis? Vandana Shiva testifies that coronavirus is both an environmental and a political problem, and could have been avoided if there had existed adequate environmental policies; the current problem associated with coronavirus and the health crisis stems from the features of the dominant worldview; the current commercial healthcare system, faced with the COVID-19 challenge, has once again proven itself inefficient and the current coronavirus crisis is a product of the global capitalist economic.


COVID-19 pandemic; Asian experts; Kishore Mahbubani; Shivshankar Menon; Vandana Shiva.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2022.02.03

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