The archaization of labor and consumption in modern Russian society

Pleshchenko V.I.


The intensive technological development of the last decades has led to significant changes in people's lives, the nature of their needs, as well as greatly transforming the labor market. Meanwhile, there is a number of circumstances indicating that it is not an elevation of consumption (and personal growth of consumers) that can be observed today, but only its rise in price. It is also worth noting the use of increased free time of individuals for unproductive entertainment and passive recreation. In addition, the accelerated increase in the importance of the service sector, accompanied by the massive emergence of etrading platforms, does not entail the expected dominance of intellectual labor. The average increase is more noticeable due to the fact that on-demand economy at the moment has caused a huge demand for unskilled labor of couriers, as well as other categories of workers with high labor mobility. Previously, a similar surge in the simplification of labor and labor relations took place during the socio-economic crisis and the collapse of the USSR and was expressed in such phenomena as mass spontaneous trade and private transportation. The article shows that growth in new sectors of the economy causes an effect largely similar to the consequences of the crisis, namely, archaization and simplification of labor activity.


the elevation of needs; the growth of personality; the elevation of labor; archaization; labor mobility; unskilled labor.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2022.02.13

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