Political and Military-Political Features of the Situation Development in Eastern Europe. Methodical Seminar of Center of Scientific Information Studies on Global and Regional Issues INION RAN

Babenko V.N., Bitkova T.G., Manoylo A.V., Parkhalina T.G., Trunov Ph.O. , Shanshieva L.N.


The article demonstrates the main tendencies of the internal political development of Eastern Europe, first of all, the growth of support of right-wing forces. The paper pays special attention to the largest countries of the region (Poland and Romania) and also Hungary and Ukraine during the period of its rapprochement with the West. The article highlights the stages of NATO's military presence deployment in Eastern Europe and the specific features of each stage.


Eastern Europe, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, «historical policy», NATO, security, military-political initiatives.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2018.04.20

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