The Holy Land and Jerusalem as the crossroads of Christian confessions: the diplomatic aspect

Shebalina E.O.


This article seeks to analyze some aspects of the interaction of Christian denominations in relation to their activity in the territory which for them has historically represented one of the main holy sites. The ancient city of Jerusalem, which for centuries has been a stumbling block in relations between Christian denominations, has now turned into a space for cooperation. The article examines the role of the Jerusalem Patriarchate in resolving contradictions in global Orthodoxy, studies the Russian-Vatican dialogue in regards to the protection of the Christian population, and also focuses on inter-Orthodox problems that persist in the region, thus revealing the importance of the «Jerusalem» factor in modern church diplomacy.


Jerusalem; Russian Orthodox Church (ROC); Jerusalem Patriarchate; Holy See; Roman Catholic Church (RCC); Patriarchate of Constantinople; Fener.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2022.04.11

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