The Problem of «The Russian Transit» in the European Thought of the XVIIth Century (Using an Example of «The Notes about Muscovy» of De La Neuville)

Astashkin R.S.


The author analyzes the work of the French traveler Foy De La Neuville «The notes about Muscovy» (1698). The text of Neuville’s book reflected the ideas of Russia as a transit zone between the West and the East, common to the European countries of those times. The conclusion that the author of the book had an interest in the problem of usage of the territory of Siberia for the development of the European contacts with China is made. The hypothesis that many of Neuville’s statements about Russia were connected particularly to the tasks in the area of diplomacy and mission which were set by the secular and clerical rulers of Europe in the last quarter of the XVIIth century is made.


history; Russia; the Muscovy state; Europe; France; Asia; China; Siberia.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2019.01.01

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