Trump Administration’s New National Security Strategy

Bubnova N.I.


The article analyses Donald Trump’s National Security Strategy and the document’s key assumption that currently the renewed great power competition, rather than terrorism, constitutes the main threat facing the United States. It also investigates the implications of the resulting renewed emphasis on the role of military power, military build-up and development of ‘more usable’ nuclear weapons. Though all this is coupled with Trump’s lack of interest in regime change or open-end interventions in various countries worldwide, the new US posture nevertheless does present challenges for Russia which are the focus of this piece.


Trump; United States; US National Security Strategy; great power rivalry; arms race; strategic triad; nuclear weapons; US-Russian relations; Ukrainian crisis; Syria; Iran; China's rise; North Korean nuclear problem; cyberattacks.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2019.01.04

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