Priorities of the USA, EU and UK Policy in the Western Balkan Region after Brexit

Entina E.G.


For several reasons, the Balkan region is significant both for the United States and Great Britain. Its value is constituted by its place in the system of European security, by its growing transit role and by its influence on other European countries. The anti-Russian pivot of US and UK policy in the region is becoming more pronounced, too. In these circumstances, Russia needs to develop a set of priorities for the cooperation with the Western Balkans region as a whole and adjust to the intensification of international, political and economic developments in the area. It must also be noted that the risks of global competition and cooperation in the Balkans are lower than in such regions as the Middle East.


US policy; EU policy; UK policy; Brexit; Western Balkans.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2019.01.05

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