Brexit: Another Historical Chance for Scotland?

Eremina N.V., Kagrimanyan A.S.


In June 2016, after the referendum on the UK participation in the European Union, the Scottish nationalists got the second chance to solve the national problem and gain independence. The Scottish National Party never rejected the idea of Scotland’s independence but realized the necessities of a long political work in that direction. At the same time, there are no legal instruments allowing Scotland to remain in the EU with the withdrawal of Britain. In this case a lot depends on good will of the central authorities and on permanent and steady efforts of the Scottish nationalists. Therefore, the debates, reasons and possible results of the future second referendum on Scotland’s independence demand a thorough research.


Scottish independence referendum; the European Union; Scottish national movement; Scottish national party (SNP); European integration.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2019.01.06

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