Resilience in Discources of the European Union

Treshchenkov E.Yu.


In the past decade, the European Union faced an unprecedented number of inter-related internal crises and external threats. In addition, his supranational policy has been heavily criticized by various European political forces. One of the answers was the Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy, presented in June 2016. But the concept of «resilience», proclaimed as the core of the EU approach, is new to the national political discourses of the majority of non-anglophone Member States. The article identifies the specificity of the presence of resilience in the political discourses of the European Union and its members, including the prospect of forming a coherent and functionally consistent European approach. Particular attention is paid to the context in which «resilience» is realized – supranational and national discourses of governance and security.


European Union; Member States; resilience; neoliberalism; governance.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2019.01.15

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