Russian (Soviet) Music Teachers in European Emigration. Historiographic Review

Suetin I.N.


The review examines the main studies on the development of domestic musical vocational education in Europe in the conditions of emigration from 1917–1945. Shown is the activities of P.F. Voloshin, E.Ya. Gaek, A.K. Glazunov, A.T. Grechaninov, L.V. Ivanova, S.V. Rakhmaninov, F.I. Shalyapin, S.K. Exner) as organizers and teachers of musical and educational institutions in Belgium, Italy, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Poland, France, Czechoslovakia.


emigration; music education; L.V. Ivanova; S.K. Exner; E.Ya. Gaek.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2019.01.17

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