Problems of the Fight Against Corruption in the Authorities in Post-Soviet Russia

Babenko V.N.


This article deals with the problems of struggle against corruption in the Russian Federation. Special attention is paid to the 1990s when corruption deeply affected the highest echelons of power, while the leaders of the state not only did little to take measures against it but often protected some high-ranking officials. The description of international and national legislative acts makes it possible to come to conclusion that there is a wide normative legal base for struggle against corruption. The examples of corruption crimes committed by officials from the central and regional authorities and grounds for justice bodies to investigate such cases are given. The more effective actions for conquering corruption in our country are suggested.


the Russian Federation; post-Soviet period; corruption; problems of struggle against corruption; the federals authorities; the regional authorities.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2019.02.02

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