Post-Soviet Space: Causes, Processes and Transitional Results of Transformation

Gushchin A.V., Khanova I.E.


The article is devoted to the problems of the modern development of the post-soviet space, the main trends and processes in international relations, social life, and the integration of the countries of the region. The authors analyze the validity of the use of the term «post-Soviet space» and express the opinion that this space is decaying. Today, according to the authors, it is no longer possible to define it as single space. From their point of view, the processes of Eurasian integration can only partially overcome the tendencies of fragmentation of the region, with the great role of the external actors.


post-soviet space; Russia; Сentral Asia; eurasian integration; region.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2019.02.04

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