Military and Political Aspects of Cooperation Between Russia and China in the Current Geopolitical Situation

Kovaleva A.O.


The article is devoted to the military and political cooperation between Russia and China in the Pacific region in the context of the world order’s global transformation. The unipolar system is being replaced by multipolarity, new centers of global influence are emerging. At the same time, USA as a leader of the unipolar world does not want to put up with the loss of global dominance. Russia and China, as the leading powers of the emerging multipolar world, are confronting USA in the Pacific. At present, Russia and China are successfully developing military and political cooperation. Russia and China’s military alliance can become the basis of a new regional security structure.


Russia; China; Pacific region; multipolarity; geostrategy; militarypolitical cooperation.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2019.02.06

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