Prospects for the Development of Trade Relations Between the EEU and Vietnam

Migranyan A.A.


In the context of a qualitative transition from classical integration to the forms of integration partnership, the development of cooperation in the format of an expanded and comprehensive FTA allows not only to strengthen the position of the Eurasian economic Union but also to significantly expand the range of integration cooperation with the countries of other integration blocks. The article examines the impact and prospects of development of cooperation between the EEU and Vietnam in the free trade zone, assesses the opportunities and potential for the development of trade relations of the EAEU countries in terms of their resource potential, price and competitiveness, business activity and structure of the foreign trade portfolio of the countries.


integral coefficient of mutual trade; the aggregated indicator indices trading; indices of similarity of exports and the complementarity index; the intensity of trade; the concentration index of trade liberalization.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2019.02.07

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