The «Old» and «New» Right-Wing Populists in Western Europe on the Example of «Alternatives for Germany» and «Austrian Freedom Party»

Strakevich A.A.


The article explores the applicability of the main academic characteristics of populism (not following the left / right dichotomy) to the description of old (Freedom Party of Austria) and new (Alternative for Germany) populist parties. It was established that the above-mentioned parties still belong to the right side of the political spectrum, in spite of their references to the left agenda. When populist parties join the ruling groups, the anti-elitist component of their programs gets eroded. The crisis around the centrist parties makes populist forces stop being marginal – the latter tend to embrace «average» voters.


populism; right parties; Germany; Austria; «Alternative for Germany»; «Freedom Party of Austria».

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2019.02.09

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