The features of the humanitarian aspect of modern Turkey’s foreign policy

Belous Yu.A., Kuliyeva N.S. k, Khasanov K.A. u.


This article is devoted to the analysis of the specificity of the «Turkish model» of humanitarian policy at the present stage. The analysis considers the period after the Justice and Development Party came to power in Turkey (from 2002). During this period Turkey began to actively introduce unconventional foreign policy tools with an emphasis on the humanitarian aspect of foreign policy. The article pays special attention to the Turkish interpretation of the humanitarian component of foreign policy. The purpose of this study is to identify the main features of the Turkish experience in conducting humanitarian policy. The authors come to the conclusion that in modern Turkey the term «humanitarian» is used mainly in two contexts: firstly, as humanitarian aid intended for rapid response in times of need and, secondly, as development assistance, which is of constant and structural nature. The term «humanitarian » in Turkey differs from the Russian understanding in that the Turkish version has a narrower interpretation. At the same time, among the features of the Turkish vision of the humanitarian aspect of foreign policy, it is worth highlighting the dominance of the governmental component in the implementation of humanitarian policy (albeit in cooperation with non-governmental organizations), as well as the use of humanitarian policy as an approach and not just an instrument of foreign policy (foreign policy in general is deemed humanitarian, while humanitarian diplomacy stands out as an instrument of soft power on par with cultural diplomacy). The scientific significance of the work lies in formulating the features of the Turkish experience in conducting humanitarian policy (Central Asia case), which will contribute to understanding and updating Russia's humanitarian policy.


humanitarian policy of Turkey; the notion of «humanitarian» in Turkey; humanitarian policy of Russia.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2023.01.07

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