The Diaspora Factor in Russia's Humanitarian Policy towards Kazakhstan: Challenges and Prospects

Юнеман Р.А.


Kazakhstan is home to the second largest Russian diaspora in the world. This fact affects Russian humanitarian policy towards the Republic of Kazakhstan. This paper examines Russia's humanitarian policy in Kazakhstan, the impact of the Russian diaspora on it, and the intersection with diaspora policy. Normative-legal acts, statements of decision-makers, and other results of the activities of humanitarian and diaspora organizations are studied. As a result, the article concludes that there is a significant intersection of Russia's humanitarian and diaspora policy in Kazakhstan negatively impacting the effectiveness of both. In addition, one of the key problems of humanitarian policy is the lack of clear goal-setting. Furthermore, Russian diaspora policy in Kazakhstan focuses exclusively on cultural and educational initiatives. Lacking a clear goal and being limited to these initiatives, the diaspora policy leaves out protecting the rights and empowerment of the Russian diaspora. The article suggests setting clear targets for the diaspora and humanitarian policies in Kazakhstan and separating them institutionally.


humanitarian policy; diaspora; Russia; Kazakhstan; compatriots; diaspora policy.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2023.03.08

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