Islamic Republic of Iran in the context of an effective implementation of energy diplomacy

Мостаджеран Г.М., Габдуллин Р.Р., Роженко А.С.


Energy diplomacy as defined in this article includes a set of plans and strategies of individual countries that are aimed at achieving at least two main goals through international cooperation: ensuring the goals of the energy sector and strengthening the national and international security of the country concerned. Reliable empirical data was used as the theoretical basis of the study. The paper argues that the level and degree of the role that a country plays in current world affairs, as well as in contributing to the formation of the future international system, directly correlate with the level and degree of security that it could provide for itself. Thus, Iran's energy diplomacy's historic and contemporary potential and the most crucial parts of the macroplan for successful energy diplomacy will be briefly discussed. Energy diplomacy is also used to maintain and enhance national and international security in the contemporary world, and Iran has serious prerequisites for its use not just for energy and economic aims. The Islamic Republic is seen as a significant energy power capable of active international energy diplomacy. According to credible empirical facts, Iran is well-suited to utilise its oil and gas resources and capabilities to secure an acceptable position commensurate with its genuine potential and play a vital role in the international community.


Iran; oil reserves; gas reserves; energy diplomacy; international security.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2023.03.14

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