The interaction between Russia and Germany in the sphere of armed conflicts resolution: Moving to a new level of confidence?

Trunov Ph.O.


The article considers the emergence of the «window of opportunity» at the turn of the 2010s–2020s for cooperation between Germany and Russia in the sphere of armed conflict resolution. The countries of the Euro-Atlantic community and the Russian Federation in the realities of the new Cold War have reached rather stabilized level in their activities for mutual containment (including the realization of military measures) by 2017– 2018. Against this background, the awareness by both countries the new quality of danger from the focal points of instability in Europe, in the Middle East and North Africa has stimulated the potential growth of their cooperation. The goal of the article is to explore the usage by Germany and Russia of opened «window of opportunity» on the examples of Ukrainian (existed since 2014–2015) and Libyan directions. In this regard the scientific paper investigates the re-launch of «Normand Format » and its usage for the negotiations at the highest level 9 December 2019, the importance and results of this meeting. The article also covers the reasons of German distance from a decision of «Libyan problem», and the features of revision of this line by the usage of potential of relations with Russia. In this regard the article explores the preparation and key results of Berlin conference on Libya (January, 19, 2020) and the following German actions. The article concludes about interim results including problems in German-Russian cooperation in the sphere of armed conflict resolution and the perspectives of its activation after COVID-19 epidemic.


Russia; Germany; the «window of opportunity»; armed conflicts; Ukraine; «Normand Format»; Libya; Berlin conference.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2021.01.05

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