The Decembrists in Russian History and Historiography: Polemical Notes

Kiyanskaya O.I.


This article is about the place of the Decembrists movement in Russian history and in particular in history of Russian revolutionary movement. The phenomenon of the Decembrists is examined not only as the historical fact, but as the myth formed in minds of Russian intellectuals opposite to authority. The article states that the role of the Decembrists in the historical development of Russia was rather insufficient. Though the myth of the Decembrists will live long.


movement of the Decembrists, the history of Russia, historiography, A.N. Pypin, M.V. Neshkina, Yu.M. Lotman, P.I. Pestel, D.N. Bludov, V.I. Lenin.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2017.02.03

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