The Military-Industrial Commission’s role in implementing the military-technical policy of the Russian Federation

Stezhko V.V.


The article analyzes the place and role of the Military-Industrial Commission (VPK) of the Russian Federation in the implementation of the military-technical policy of the country. The article considers the stages of its formation from the authority under the government of Russia to one of the key subjects of military-technical policy, headed by the head of state. The research shows that the Commission's priority areas of activity include ensuring the implementation of state weapons programs. As part of this process, the Commission annually develops a state defense order and monitors its implementation. The status and powers of the commission allow making decisions on all issues related to the development of the scientific, technical, production and technological basis of the country's military-industrial complex. Functional stability in the work of the commission is ensured by its composition, which makes it possible to quickly respond to changes in socio-economic and military-political factors. Currently, under the influence of internal and external factors, priorities in Russia's military-technical policy are changing. When the main goals of rearmament and technical modernization of the armed forces have been achieved, the task is to preserve the created military-technical potential and constantly improve it. Therefore, today the Commission is increasing its attention to such issues as conversion and diversification of production at defense enterprises, import substitution in the field of military production, and scientific development of new weapons. The article concludes that the existing organizational structure and powers of the Commission allow it to use the resources of the head of state and the government of Russia in its activities and actively influence the development and implementation of the country's military-technical policy.


military-technical policy; military-industrial Commission; state armament program; state defense order; military-industrial complex; diversification; import substitution.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2021.02.08

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