Postliberal ideology and its development in Spain on the example of migration policy

Vladimirov A.A.


The article is devoted to the analysis of the transformation that modern Western liberalism is undergoing, as well as some of its manifestations. The author points out that liberal ideology in modern Western countries is one of the most important factors in their internal political development. It is said about the special role that liberalism plays in the development of Western European countries in general and, in particular, Spain. The author pays special attention to the consideration of liberalism from the point of view of its valuable content. Some of the transformations of liberalism in the course of its development in Western countries are described in detail. The author shows that in the course of historical development, modern Western liberalism is transformed into post-liberalism, which has a number of distinctive features. The key difference between post-liberalism is that the value of individual freedom in it acquires absolute importance in comparison with the secondary values and ideas of liberalism. It is shown that the only function of secondary liberal values is to substantiate the absolute value of individual freedom. Much attention is paid to some of the modern manifestations of post-liberalism, such as political correctness and tolerance. The article separately describes the manifestation of post-liberalism in Spain on the example of migration policy. The study concludes that the logic of the development of post-liberalism in relation to the factor of mass immigration to Spain is based on the perception of immigrants as a socially unprotected individualized minority, whose rights to exercise freedom, including in the religious sphere, are limited by the existing norms of the social majority. The development of post-liberalism in Spain in the field of migration policy leads to the prioritization of the protection of the rights and freedoms of the social minority (immigrants) in comparison with the rights and freedoms of the social majority.


ideology; liberalism; postliberalism; Western Europe; Spain; immigration.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2021.02.09

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