Review of: Pivovar E.I. The world of Russian Emigres in the late XX – early XXI centuries. St. Petersburg. Aletheia. 2021. 388 p.

Gushchin A.V.


The review is devoted to the work of Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences E.I. Pivovar «The world of Russian emigres in the late XX – early XXI centuries» [Pivovar 2021]. The review notes that the topic chosen by the author of the book is important and relevant because of the great role of the Russian abroad in the history and modern life of Russia. The author of the review notes E.I. Pivovar’s сomplex approach to the problem under study, within the framework of which the following aspects were tuched upon: the conceptual foundations of Russian policy towards compatriots, the functioning of various institutions and organizations that interact with Russian compatriots, the role of education and science in the process of interaction with the Russian abroad, the peculiarities of the functioning of organizations of compatriots abroad, and a number of others. It is noted that the work of E.I. Pivovar has a scientific, educational and enlightening significance, an impact on the formation of a more positive image of our country in the international arena in general and the international scientific community in particular.


The Russian expatriate community; compatriots; the Russian world; diaspora.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2021.02.17

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