«The sixteenth year is coming»

Pivovarov Yu.S.


The article cites historical parallels between today's Russia and Russia of 1930-ies, as well as Russia of Moscow Empire period. It shows that we entered the «time of Karamzin» with its conservative and autocratic ideas. The article disagrees with the national historical science which blames the boyars in its attempts to restrict the autocracy after obtaining the share in governing. In a broad sense the Russian Revolution is interpreted as the long historical period roughly between 1860 and 1930. Today's Russia has no project on future; the ideologues are looking for it in the past. The article reveals the reasons and historical significance of the revolutions of 1905–1907 and of February 1917 – October 1917.


the birth of Stalinism, the feudal-autocratic order in Rus, the program of Stolypin’s reforms, the Constitution of 1906 and its contradictions, correlation of revolutions of 1905–1907 and of February and October 1917, Russian peasant community and its role in October revolution.

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