«I Saw Dead…»: The Russian Red Cross and the American Red Cross in Siberia and the Far East in 1918–1920

Ippolitov S.S.


Basing on archival documents, not studied before and now introduced into scientific circulation, the author examines the unfamiliar page of the Civil war in Russia: the Russian society of the Red Cross in Siberia and the Far East and its interaction with foreign charitable organizations. For the first time in Russian historiography the article describes the interaction of Russian and foreign charitable organizations in creating the medical care system for sick and wounded in conditions of degradation and collapse of the state control on the territories, governed by A.V. Kolchak in 1918–1920.


the Civil war in Russia, the Russian society of the Red Cross, the American Red Cross, Alexander Vasilievich Kolchak, the government of Admiral Kolchak, Siberia, the Far East of Russia, charity.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2018.01.06

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