Anti-Corruption Legislation of the PRC in 1995–2015

Adams O.Yu.


The article summarizes the experience of establishing the anti-corruption legislation in China in 1995–2015. The author provides a brief overview of the «Corruption and bribery» chapter of the PRC Criminal Code of 1997, analyses in detail the Criminal Code amendments of 1999, as well as the most important related documents and illustrates trends in anti-corruption work in China in different periods. The most important results are: the formation of a dedicated CCDI department aimed at repatriation of «fugitives from justice» guilty of corruption to China; the new anti-corruption strategy adopted in 2013, which helps the China society to become an equal partner in such complex and complicated process and the creation of public moral environment intolerable of corruption.


China, corruption, anti-corruption strategy, Criminal Code, amendments.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2018.01.14

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