On the history of Soviet censorship of the 1960 s.

Bit-Yunan Yu.G.


The article describes the history of the publication of V. Nekrasov’s sketchbook on his trip to Kamchatka, which took place in the early 1960 s. The researcher brings it into focus that the text has been published twice: in 1965 by the Soviet journal «Novy Mir» under the title «Twelve thousand kilometres away» and in 1970 by the emigrant journal «Grani», named as «About the volcanoes, recluses and so on», with «Grani» declaring that their edition was free of any censorship omissions that had been made in the Soviet Union, and were now italicized so as not to remain unnoticed. This work offers specifications and comments for most of the omissions and discrepancies between the editions. It also explains the absence of any sanctions against the professional Soviet writer V. Nekrasov despite the fact that his uncensored sketchbook had somehow been printed in an anti-Soviet periodical.


V. Nekrasov; E. Ginzburg; V. Voynovich; A. Tvardovsky; «Novy Mir»; «Grani»; soviet press; emigrant press; samizdat; tamizdat; Soviet censorship.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2022.02.10

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