«Red Finland» in the Assessment of I.A. Kireyev and Demyan Bedny (Based on Archival Materials of the RI IMLI RAS)

Fedorov M.L., Shevchenko T.I.


The article presents the memories of I.A. Kireev, the Russian officer of the Baltic fleet, about the workers’ revolution in Finland in 1918. The document was discovered in the archive of Demyan Bedny in the IMLI. The poet collected information from the fronts of the civil war. Among them was the manuscript of 600 pages, in which Kireev not only described in detail the course of the revolution and the civil war in Finland in the first half of 1918, but also presents his views on the causes of the defeat of the workers’ movement in Finland.


Finland, Finnish workers’ revolution of 1918, the civil war, Ivan Alekseevich Kireev, Demyan Bedny, the Baltic fleet, the labor movement in Finland, the Finns, the Red guard, Helsinki.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2018.04.12

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