Personal Space in the Soviet Everyday Life, 1920–1930

Barysheva Ye.V.


In the 1920th–1930th the USSR built the new world and its subject – «the new person». The perfect builder of the Soviet society was to focus only on public goals and interests. In order to distract him from everyday life, new forms of his organization were created in the USSR. One of it was house communes. Their task was to save «the new person» from burdens of life, and at the same time to submit all personal (time, space, any communications and relations, family and so forth) to the great common goal. «Kommunalization» (nationalization) of life became the effective tool of power, the way to control any person and govern the society.


«new life», «the new person», house commune, ideologization of everyday life, the impact on consciousness, formation of behavior stereotypes.

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