Integration processes in the Greater Eurasia in a historian’s understanding. The review of Pivovar E.I. The space of Greater Eurasia of the XXI century. SPb.: Aletejya. 2022. 468 p.

Levchenkov A.S.


A new book by the famous Russian historian E.I. Pivovar is devoted to the analysis of the history, current state and prospects for further development of integration processes in the post-Soviet space and within the macro-region of Greater Eurasia in the context of the transforming world order in the first quarter of the XXI century. The author focuses on the integration ideas themselves, associations and organizations with their structure and management mechanisms, as well as various internal and external factors affecting the success of various integration initiatives. At the same time, a special role is assigned to the study of the role and place of the Russian Federation in the integration processes and the potential for sustainable development of the Eurasian space. In the reviewed work, we see in its entirety an interdisciplinary analysis using a wide methodological toolkit from various branches of the humanities, although it is the historical heritage, according to the author, that largely predetermined the nature of integration processes.


post-Soviet space; Eurasian integration; Commonwealth of Independent States; Union State of Russia and Belarus; Eurasian Economic Union; Collective Security Treaty Organization; Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2022.04.13

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