Russia in the process of digital transformation of the world economy

Dorzhieva V.V.


Digital transformation, as a rule, is associated with qualitative changes in the management system of the socio-economic system by revising the development strategy (models) as a result of the introduction of digital technologies and the creation of the necessary infrastructure for this, leading to breakthrough development and significant effects. The article presents a study on the place and role of Russia in the digital transformation of the world economy based on available official statistics and analytical reports of international and domestic agencies. The results obtained indicate that the positions of developed and developing countries differ greatly in the ratings, due to the different level of development of national economies, technological groundwork in the development of the digital economy, and approaches to digital transformation differ significantly. According to the study, the leaders of the ratings also make the greatest contribution to the digitalization of the world economy. Analysis of the level of development of the digital economy of Russia has shown that, thanks to the efforts made to accelerate digital transformation, positive dynamics of growth is recorded: the scale of the digital economy; the volume of public spending on digitalization; private investment in the development and introduction of new digital technologies; publications and patents in the field of digital technologies; exports of ICT products and services, public spending on IT services. The largest number of patents are registered in the field of artificial intelligence, 5G technologies, unmanned transport systems, financial technologies and virtual reality. At the same time, Russia lags far behind the leading countries in terms of the number of patents received in the field of breakthrough digital (end-to-end) technologies, which indicates the low efficiency of using investments.


digital economy; digital technologies; national strategy for the development of digital economy; competitiveness.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2022.03.02

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