Review on: Rusia şi Romania in Timpul Primului Razboi Mondial. Bucureşti, 2018

Bitkova T.G.


The review is devoted to the joint work of Romanian and Russian historians, published in two languages in Romania sponsored by the Romanian Fund «Anastasia». A brief overview of the articles presented in the publication is given, it is emphasized that some topics related to Romania's participation in the First world war are treated in Russia and Romania from opposite positions. It is noted that the First world war is only one of many historical events of the XIX–XX centuries, which not only unite but also divide Romania and Russia in assessing their importance for national self – affirmation. The idea that a joint publication of this kind is a unique phenomenon for the Romanian – Russian scientific contacts is highlighted. The collection makes a significant contribution to the search for common ground in the positions of not only historians of our countries, but also politicians, which should contribute to greater understanding between Russia and Romania.


Romania; Russia; World War I; public opinion; foreign policy; small states; great powers; «Romanian gold»; Bessarabia.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2019.02.18

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