U.S. Strategy in the Mirror of Trump’s Immigration Policy

Bubnova N.I.


The article analyses Trump’s course on immigration as both a reflection and key component of his world views and national security policy. Trump’s policies to curtail immigration are integrated with his overall focus on promoting domestic development while insuring Americans’ interests and U.S. advantages on the international arena. Trump restricted the inflow of refuges and migrants from Muslim countries, stood up for a wall with Mexico, changed the immigration rules, put into question the rights of «dreamers» brought inside the country as children by illegal immigrants, and adopted stern measures against illegal immigrants. Trump’s immigration policy which goes counter to globalism and liberalism, meets with strong rebuff from Trump’s domestic opponents represented by the Democratic party, the majority in Congress, and the government establishment. Trump’s willingness to reconsider international agreements on migration and to build both real and virtual walls is also a point of contention between the United States and its Latin American neighbors, as well as many other UN member countries. Yet even if he succeeds in building his wall with Mexico, it cannot become a symbol of the future development of the world which requires cross-border cooperation in resolving major global problems, in particular those connected with overcoming the results of conflicts, immigration regulation, and refugee assistance.


immigration; «zero tolerance» policy; Trump’s strategy; Immigration Act; wall with Mexico; shutdown; DACA; dreamers; refugees.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2019.03.04

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