«Between values and interests. The humanitarian policy of the Trump administration: a case study of women's rights programs»

Novikov D.P., Andreev K.M.


By the time the Trump administration came to power, US humanitarian policy was at a crossroads. On the one hand, there was a crisis of the US-led international order and a relative weakening of the overall power and influence of Washington, which required a serious rethinking of the entire US foreign policy. Even during the election campaign, Donald Trump actively criticized the wastefulness of his predecessors, who spent a lot of money on providing humanitarian and economic assistance to many countries. On the other hand, a complete rejection of economic and humanitarian assistance programs was impossible. US humanitarian policy is very tightly woven into the system of American foreign policy ideology, which forces US administrations to seek a balance between interests and values. This article analyzes the search for balance using the humanitarian policy of the Trump administration in the field of women's rights as the example. This topic is of particular interest, taking into account Trump's «misogynistic» public image The article examines key programs and initiatives in the field of women's rights in the general context of the evolution of US humanitarian policy.


US foreign policy; humanitarian policy; administration of D. Trump; protection of women's rights; humanitarian aid, empowerment of women.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2023.01.04

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