Islamic Discourse in Russia: Specifics of functioning and key concepts

Гасанова М.А., Магомедова П.А.


The article analyzes the specifics of the formation and functioning of Islamic discourse in Russ.ia, identifying the characteristic features associated with multilingual, polyethnic factors, the «national» interpretation of Islam, and its role (the active penetration of religion into public life and the strengthening of its influence on the political sphere is noted). It points out that religious vocabulary has significantly expanded the Russianlanguage discourse serving the Islamic way of life. The processes of introducing religious vocabulary into everyday speech are considered, which have to do with the spread and strengthening of Islamic doctrine in Russ.ia, especially in regions such as Tatarstan and the North Caucasus.Issues related to neoplasms arising from Arabisms in Russ.ian colloquial speech and errors in the use of religious concepts caused by linguocognitive lacunae are highlighted. Borrowed religious terms describe realities that are mostly absent from the Russian language picture of the world, so a significant part of them functions in the form of «crutches». They are in the process of adaptation, which is manifested in the variability of their spelling and pronunciation. Negative stereotypes about Muslims exist in the Russian information field. The article reveals not only the conflict potential of the semantics of derivatives of the word Islam, but also their inclusion in a large number of contexts that form a negative image of this denomination (according to the analysis of data from the National Corpus of the Russian language.) The main religious concepts are described, the key of which is the concept of faith / iman. Its value component, features of verbalization, and role in the Russian-speaking Islamic discourse are determined. The linguistic and cultural analysis of the key dominants, which absorbed the ideas about the qualities of a true believer, revealed compliance with universal moral ideals. The specificity of the «national» religious discourse lies in its syncretic nature, in which the canons and moral and ethical norms of Islam were synthesized with pre-monotheistic beliefs.


Islamic discourse; Russia; religion; faith; concept.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2023.03.06

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