The Migration Issue in the Legislation and Programs of Political Parties of the Czech Republic

Volkova D.A.


Analyzing the migration legislation in the Czech Republic, the author addresses both the European laws in this sphere and the Czech legislation regulating the presence of migrants in the country, their legal status and possibilities of acquiring Czech citizenship. The analysis is based on the statistics published on the website of the Czech Statistical Office for 2017, which shows the number of legal migrants in the country and the countries of their origin. It’s indicated that the foreigners living in the country have mostly Ukrainian citizenship, others having moved from Slovakia, Vietnam, Russia, Poland and Germany. The most visible trend in this sphere is a sharp increase in the number of labor migrants from Ukraine. Special attention is given to the programs of political parties represented in the Czech parliament after the 2017 elections as well as the attitudes of their leaders to the migration issue. To this end, the article focuses on the official parties’ documents, statements of their leaders and their media presentations. Outlined are the main policy directions of the «left parties» whose leaders advocate the migration to the Czech republic and promote the idea of effective integration of migrants into the host society. By contrast, the programs and official statements of the «right-wing» parties tend to tightly restrict the migratory flows. In any case, owing to the growing influx of migrants into the country, this issue will be given increasing prominence in the parties’ programs. In addition, after the Czech Republic joined the European Union in 2004, it is to follow the EU legislation and practices in defining its migration policies.


migration; labor migration; international migration; immigration law; political parties; Czech Republic; European Union; Ukraine.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2019.04.04

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