Industry 4.0 on the agenda of the strategic partnership between Russia and ASEAN countries

Lenchuk E.B., Dorzhieva V.V.


In the context of the new geopolitical realities, when unprecedented sanctions from the West in the technological sphere force Russia to search for new partners in the development of Industry 4.0 technologies, interaction with which will contribute to accelerated digital transformation, as well as the reorientation of trade relations to new geographical markets, the development of foreign economic relations with ASEAN countries becomes one of the priorities of Russia's foreign policy on its Asian front. Assessing the positions of Russia and ASEAN countries in participating in the global markets of products and services related to advanced technologies, it should be noted that their positions are rather modest against the background of China and the United States, which pose a practical threat to the preservation of economic autonomy and independence for all other countries, since during the digitalization processes, leaders force everyone to use their technologies. Russia and ASEAN countries are still experiencing a lack of instrumental potential for shaping the global digital development agenda. In order to take advantage of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, while minimizing possible negative consequences, much will depend on the appropriate level of development of national economies, readiness for digital transformation, and the foreign policy and international partnerships implemented by these countries. In this regard, the implementation of the digital agenda of the strategic partnership between Russia and ASEAN countries should provide for effective interaction within the framework of cooperation and exchange of experience in the field of normative regulation, unification of digital standards, information security, increasing export-import volumes in relation to digital services, coupling digital platforms and ecosystems being created. Integration of national and international information and analytical customs and logistics systems, acceleration of the process of mutual recognition of electronic documents, development of interstate electronic document exchange for entrepreneurs, which creates favorable conditions for business development, can also become a promising direction.


Industry 4.0; digital transformation; digital technologies; digital agenda of the Russia-ASEAN strategic partnership.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2023.04.03

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