The Employment Problems of Women with Pre-School Children in Today’s Russia and World

Gizatullina A.V., Zimova N.S.


This article deals with the problems that mothers face when seeking employment in the modern world. These include women's unemployment, occupational segregation, discrimination in labor relations, the difficulties of combining family and work life. Women's unemployment is one of the most acute problems in labor relations. The main parameters affecting the unemployment rate of women with children are the number of children and their age. Gender occupational segregation also constitutes a problem in the labor market. In this article two components of professional segregation are analyzed: horizontal and vertical. Attention is also paid to the issue of discrimination in labor relations that occur in different forms, such as discrimination in wages, hiring, staff reduction, promotion, professional development. Examining the relationship between mothers' working life and their family obligations, the authors focus upon the role of today’s society in creating favorable conditions for women who combine their family obligations and work in the labor market. The aforementioned problems constitute part of the broader societal issue of modern labor relations. The solution of this problem requires the participation of the state, employers and organizations that conduct social policy in the field of women's labor relations. There is a need for a set of policies aimed at creating favorable employment conditions for women with children, which reduce risks of their unemployment and gender discrimination.


gender inequality; labor market; labor relations; motherhood; labor force; employment; discrimination; unemployment; social policy.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2019.04.13

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