Towards a new paradigm of global development

Aleshkovski I.A., Bondarenko V.M


Measures taken by different states to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic have aggravated crisis signs and symptoms in the socio-economic development of different countries and the modern world, and updated the issues of their further changes. The article, basing on the analysis of possible models of socio-economic development, shows the nature of the contemporary systemic crisis and proves the necessity of changing to a new paradigm of global values. It is revealed that necessary prerequisites for the transition to the new paradigm were created by the fourth industrial revolution. The authors specify the understanding of information society as a stage in humankind’s evolution, based on the widespread use of digital technologies and the direct connection between production and consumption. The authors formulate the conditions for implementing the strategy of sustainable development of the global world, implying the harmonization of interests of different social groups and the creation of a new social environment corresponding to 21st century technologies. The article reveals that a person’s highest values are their identity and achievement of their personal best in the physical, intellectual or spiritual sense. In this connection, the strategic task for forming the future is to ensure the achievement of this unique, objectively existing global aim of the development of humankind, all countries, and each person.


paradigm; global development; global values; development goals; sustainable development.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2021.02.05

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