The role of language worldview in the formation of identity

Kornienko O.Yu.


The issue of identity is getting more relevant in the modern world as it mainly determines the world-view of the nation, its values, and ways of conducting international contacts. The article analyzes how the language system determines the structure of thinking and the way of perceiving the world, which is case-examined on the example of completely different languages, such as Finnish, Arabic, Hopi. The starting point of the study is Wittgenstein's approach to world problems through the prism of relations between the language and the world, the language mirror reflecting a logical structure of the language and the ontological structure of the world. This task is carried out by studying the languages to understand their vision of the world-system in spatial, temporal, linguistic coordinates, the features of the system used for fixing reality in the alphabet or oral signs, diverting the attention to the concepts that are most important for the linguistic picture of the world, that is to «the statics» or the «procession», which determine the worldview of the people, including the system of relations with the outside world. The study is based on materials from domestic and foreign authors, online publications, and interviews with leading experts in languages, cultures, and political relations. The specific approach defines the use of combined academic approaches of political, sociological, and philological sciences. The study showed that the structure of the language is formed by the historical context in the spatial-temporal framework, reflecting the leading temporal or spatial factor of the worldview of the people, which determines the identity of the people and later dictates the specific nature of international relations for this particular country.


international relations; identity; Finnish; Arabic; Hopi; Western values; temporal and spatial contexts; agglutination; analytical and inflectional languages.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2021.02.06

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